The transformation from the awkward to a professional carpenter!

You want furniture? Why not go buy it!

This used to be my attitude at all times. I used to head a team at work where one of those days when a team member would call up to say that he wanted an off to be able to build his own furniture. I used to be at my wit’s end and tell him to report to work and soon enough he will make enough to be able to buy it off the shelf!

The idea seemed alien:

You see the idea just did not work for me to be able to leave your official work and sit down to make a piece of furniture. Surely you can do better at work and drop by at a furniture shop and buy yourself the best in craftsmanship. How naïve!

When marriage happened:

After marriage for three years I never really heeded to my wife’s request to build her a small outdoor ranch kind of dining table. She never guessed that I was so averse to carpentry. It was that we had a few blocks of wood that were lying around in the attic and they were really good. And so she must have wanted to put them to good use.

I kept making excuses:

For a long time I kept dodging her telling her that I would do it the following weekend, or the next vacations, and so on. But, in my heart I never wanted to touch even a single block if wood and create something out of it! I either kept procrastinating or making excuses such as the next set of holidays that I have, I will make sure that the table is ready or things like daddy is anyways coming to spend time with us. Both us will work on the table and make sure we have quality time with each other.

And then she surprised me one day!

I was back home early and kept searching for my wife. Apparently, I thought she was at the grocers or the departmental store.  But for a long time when she did not turn up, I was worried. I tried calling her up on her mobile phone an surprisingly the ring rang from the small garage that we had in our porches.

All kind of things were running in my mind. Why would my wife enter such a lonely place late in the evening? Oh my god, I hope she is safe. I could feel my heart beating violently in my chest. And I was contemplating what I should do in case there is an emergency!

I cautiously slid the door aside only to hear a circular saw working and my wife trying to cut the wooden blocks with it!

She removed the wood, set it aside measured another block and was about to cut when suddenly out of my reverie I feebly said, “honey”.

That is when she noticed me standing there. She looked at the bewildered look on my face and asked me how long since I was waiting there. With obvious relief I told her how it was a short day at the office and how worried I was when the phone kept ringing without her picking it up!

The revelation:

She was excitedly gesturing me towards the half made table and I was surprised that it was shaping up really well. I asked her if she was in to this for a long time since I had no clue about her interest in carpentry!

She hinted that she was tired of expecting it from me and so she read up on it and had decided to self help. She was also documenting her steps in order to

be able blog on her micro-blogging site and empower other mates!

I thought it was a great idea too

Cutting the long story short, my wife and I got along to do a lot of projects around the house. We created a four poster bed, the bunk beds in the children’s room and the ranch table in the kitchen.

We have plans to do the attic next and we love bonding over with each other doing the projects from the start. It is like blooming romance in the workshop! By the way, my wife’s blogs have received tremendous response. I cannot tell you how proud I am about my girl. Cheers!

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