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You want to be able to make furniture for yourself?

We can teach you to make wonders! Let it be tables, chairs, sofas, beds? Anything and everything! We are an exclusive web based program that teaches students about carpentry. We have basic and advanced courses and the person who wants to join is admitted based on his or her proficiency levels.

We recommend the basic course for everyone:

Whether you are a student or a housewife or a working professional or an retired person, we recommend that you take up our course because we are very confident that it will do you a world of goodness. The basic course comprises a primer on everything that you need to know before you start a carpentry project. For instance we have comprehensive modules on the tools that are essentially required for starting a project, the safety precautions and the ways and means of measuring and cutting of the wood. Another basic module of the basic course is to be able to draw an efficient plan on paper and trying to translate the plan into reality.

The advanced course:

Even though this course builds up on the basic one, it is always possible to skip that one in case you already have the required skills and aptitude.

The course structure:

The course is entirely an online one and the interaction is through video Skype. The projects can be done at your chosen spot and the entire course material will be made available online module-wise. The sessions shall be a one on one and the practical can be monitored over the video sessions. The institute shall provide its students with a ten digit unique identification number that holds the access key to the course material.

Thousands of successful students:

We are basking in the glory of the rate of success. We have had thousands of students learning from us and making us and them proud. Some of them have gone on to become successful design artists at some of the big names in the field. That is a proud moment fir us!

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